Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. In fact, I’ll have breakfast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…all on the same day whenever I can! Vegan pancakes, waffles, tofu scrambles, chickpea quiche, seitan bacon, the possibilities are endless!

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Appetizers and Snacks

The great thing about small bites is that you get to have more of them! At least, that’s a big part of the appeal for me. 

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Salad! Ah, FINALLY! Something familiar to vegans, no? 

Jokes, aside, I’ve more recently come to appreciate salads. More than a mess of greens, building a great salad involves combining complementary textures, bitter and sweet flavours, tangy and salty experiences. Or…just load up the greens and smother it in vegan avocado dill dressing. mmmm

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Sandwiches, Wraps, Roll-ups, etc.

More than just for lunch! Vegan dainty tea sandwiches, hearty burgers, fresh summer salad rolls, SUSHI(!!!) and more. 

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Dinner Mains

Dinner entrees that will satisfy any appetite! These recipes are meant to be shown off, especially in mixed company. 😉

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Desserts and Sweets

Often the first type of vegan food most people will come across, desserts are the gateway drug of veganism. *bahahahaha*evil laughter* 


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Dips, spreads, relishes, and other accompaniments. What are fries without ketchup? Beer-battered cauliflower without sweet chilli sauce? Salad rolls without peanut sauce? I don’t want to EVER find out!

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