Vegan Thanksgiving 2011: Philly Beefless Kabobs Recipe

These kabobs are done grill-less, which is ideal for the indoor-appropriate weather we expect around Thanksgiving. I love the crunchy texture of the sweet peppers and onions alongside the savory beefless tips and ooey gooey cheese sauce!

Vegan Philly Cheese Steak Kabobs

Vegan Philly Cheese Steak Kabobs


  • Kabobs (Adjust amounts to your taste & how many skewers you’re making!)
    • Gardein Beefless Tips
    • green pepper
    • red pepper
    • red onion
    • Cashew Cheddar Cheese or your favorite solid cheese alternative
  • Sauce (Adjust proportions to your taste!)
    • 1 part Veganaise, or your favorite vegan mayo
    • garlic, crushed & minced
    • cayenne
    • 1 part your fave meltable vegan cheese (Yea, I’m pretty sure Daiya’s is the only one that does this. I’m using Pepperjack.)

Don’t forget your skewers/toothpicks!

Prepare the cheese, peppers and onions by chopping them into 3/4″ squares. Separate the layers of onions so that each piece is only as thick as the peppers.

Heat up a pan, then add the oil when hot. Add the Beefless Tips and sear on all sides. They should be done at this point, but you may want to cut into the biggest piece just to test it.

Prepare the sauce by mixing all the sauce ingredients thoroughly. Heat that until the cheese is just melted. I did this on the stove, but you can just nuke it for 30 seconds or so. Set aside.

Assemble the kabobs. Skewer all the different ingredients, alternating as you go. Serve with the sauce drizzled on top of each kabob or on the side.

This recipe is part of the Vegan Thanksgiving 2011 Project. To see the rest of the menu, click here.

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