Hello friend (or-not-yet-friend)!

Welcome to my Chinese Canadian kitchen where you’ll find vegan comfort food recipes developed from my favourite Chinese, Canadian, and more dishes, – simplified so they’re easy to make in your kitchen without sacrificing flavour! What should I veganize next?

Sunflower Seed Tofu

Yes you can make sunflower seed tofu! Should we call it “Sunfu”? Anyways, using the traditional tofu-making process on sunflower seeds makes a high-protein soy-free tofu that’s [...]

DIY Pumfu (High protein soy-free pumpkin seed tofu)

Pumpkin Seed Tofu is delicious, firm, high-protein, low-carb tofu that’s super luxurious. This DIY Pumfu) is the EASIEST keto-friendly tofu to make since you don’t need a coagulant. [...]

Vegan Keto Sandwich Rolls

This Vegan Keto Sandwich Rolls recipe bakes up like traditional bread and tastes like it too! They have a wonderful toasty aroma, soft and fluffy interior with a thin chewy crust. Unlike other [...]

PINK TOFU | How To Make High Protein Red Lentil Tofu

This is PINK TOFU! High protein, soy-free, lower carb red lentil tofu that’s not like other red lentil tofu recipes. The others are made like Burmese Tofu (aka Shan Tofu or Chickpea Tofu) [...]

High Protein Soy-Free Tofu

Finally, there IS tofu without soy! This is soy-free tofu that’s high in protein and low carb making this tofu alternative particularly great for vegan keto diets or plant-based low carb [...]