Hello friend (or-not-yet-friend)!

Welcome to my Chinese Canadian kitchen where you’ll find vegan comfort food recipes developed from my favourite  dishes, – simplified so they’re easy to make without sacrificing flavour. Lately, I’m on a mission to see what non-traditional ingredients can be made into tofu! What should I try next?

High Protein Soy-Free Tofu (9 types!)

Soy-free Tofu can be separated into two main types based on their nutrition content and how they are made. This post focuses on the high protein, low carb variety that looks and feels like [...]

Will It Yogurt?

Welcome to my new series: Will It Yogurt?! Over the next few weeks, we (I mean you and me) will use traditional methods of making yogurt and apply them to non-traditional plant-based ingredients. [...]

How to Make Chickpea Tofu (High Protein, Low Carb Soy-free Tofu Alternative)

This ONE ingredient high-protein chickpea tofu is NOT like the others! Using the traditional soy tofu making method, this process takes away excess starch to make a bouncy, low carb tofu [...]

Split Green Pea Tofu (GreenFu!)

Green Pea Tofu or GreenFu? (Simple name vs Fun name? Comment below!) This soy-free tofu is made from split green peas from the grocery store! The resulting “peafu” is high protein, [...]

Split Yellow Pea Tofu (affordable tofu made from peas!)

Pea Tofu or PeaFu? This soy-free tofu is made from affordable split yellow peas! The resulting “peafu” is high protein, low carb, plus it tastes and feels very much like regular extra [...]

Vegan Keto Cinnamon Rolls

This Vegan Keto Cinnamon Rolls Recipe makes soft, sticky cinnamon buns, perfect for smothering in cream cheese frosting. I mean, just LOOK at them! Yes, they truly do not have any dairy or eggs. [...]

Vegan Keto Pita Bread

This Vegan Keto Pita Bread recipe is made a lot like traditional pita bread and tastes like it too! You’ll love the wonderful toasty aroma, thin chewy exterior and pocket-able interior. [...]