Hello friend (or-not-yet-friend)!

Welcome to my Chinese Canadian kitchen where you’ll find vegan comfort food recipes developed from my favourite Chinese, Canadian, and more dishes, – simplified so they’re easy to make in your kitchen without sacrificing flavour! What should I veganize next?

How to Make Vietnamese Baguettes | Banh Mi

If you want light and airy Vietnamese Baguettes at home, you’ve come to the right place! The crust is thin, crackly and very crisp while the interior is light and fluffy like a cloud. This [...]

Vegan Crab Rangoon

How to make Vegan Crab Rangoon to satisfy your craving for crispy fried wonton stuffed with creamy cheesy filling! First, make the super easy filling in seconds. Then, try your hand at [...]

Vegan Sesame Chicken

This Vegan Sesame Chicken is everything! Sweet and sticky sesame sauce lightly coats crispy batter and delicious vegan chicken on the inside. Be careful who you share it with; they’re going [...]