Hello friend (or-not-yet-friend)!

Welcome to my Chinese Canadian kitchen where you’ll find vegan comfort food recipes developed from my favourite  dishes, – simplified so they’re easy to make without sacrificing flavour. Lately, I’m on a mission to see what non-traditional ingredients can be made into tofu! What should I try next?

Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Press Review

Is the Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Press as good as it seems? Yes. But what are the downsides? Read on! Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Video Review Specs and Materials The main reason I bought the [...]

Vegan Keto Naan

Puffy, soft and crisp like classic naan but this deliciously upgraded vegan keto naan has only about 3g net carbs a piece! Video Tutorial for Vegan Keto Naan Why Make this Vegan Keto Naan Each [...]

Which Tofu Coagulant is BEST?

What Tofu Coagulant should you use for homemade tofu? I put traditional tofu coagulants (gypsum, nigari) to the test against grocery store ingredients (lemon juice, two vinegars, and epsom salts) [...]

Tofu Making Equipment and Supplies

People always ask what equipment I use for making tofu at home, so I finally put the list together! This is all the equipment and ingredients that you’ll need to make beautiful homemade [...]