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Use this recipe for vegan honey wherever you’d like to replace regular honey. Though honey is not a vegan food by definition, vegans can still enjoy the taste of it with products like Bee-free Honee and Heeni Dandelion “Honey.” But what if you can’t get those locally and, for whatever reason, buying online isn’t a good option for you? Here’s my answer! Make it yourself.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you harvest nectar from flowers, eat it then regurgitate it fifty times like a bee would. Just make/take some apple juice, mix it with sugar and a bit of lemon juice and boil it down! It’s really that easy. As proof, I give you this video tutorial:

Video Tutorial for Vegan Honey AKA Apple Syrup


This recipe came about because there was a new honey alternative on the market with awesome reviews but it wasn’t available in Canada yet! I had stopped adding sweetener to my coffee and tea because I honestly didn’t like anything other than honey in those drinks and honey was out of the question for me. Instead of hot lemon honey water, I had just hot lemon water. I was OK with it but if I could have something that tasted like honey but was vegan, I wanted it!

One day, I realized I had a bunch of apples to use up and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give my own homemade “honey” a try. That single session created this homemade bee-free honey recipe. Since then, I had been meaning to film a video to show how easy it was. It only took a whole year for me to get around to it!

For the full printable recipe and story about why I stopped consuming honey, please click here.

The whole process is pretty simple.

Bowl of apples, sugar and lemon juice.

Start with apples, some water, sugar and lemon juice. 


Cut up 8 washed apples, removing the stems and seeds. Don’t bother peeling the apples.

cut up apples in a blender

Blend the apples with the least amount of water that you can get away with until it is pureed. You don’t need it to be too smooth.

Use something to separate the juice from the pulp. I used a nut milk bag. Don't sqeeze the pulp too dry though.

Use something to separate the juice from the pulp. I used a nut milk bag. Don’t sqeeze the pulp too dry though. You should end up with 2 cups of juice.

Of course, you can always 2 cups of fresh pressed apple juice instead of making your own from apples. Add the extra sugar and lemon to that.

apple juice in a pot

Cook the juice down to one cup’s worth.


And, tada! Vegan honey! Actually, it tastes a lot like honey with that cloying sweet flavour but also has a touch of apple flavour as well.


I hope you enjoy the video and maybe try it out sometime! Click here for the printable recipe!

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  • Katrina

    What a cool idea! I had no idea that honey replacements existed. Even if they were available in Canada, I would still rather make it myself. I’m bookmarking this to try later.

    • Mary

      I hope you love it! <3 I've been making it with President's Choice Organic Pressed Apple Cider as they come in 4L jugs for pretty cheap and now I always have "honey" on hand 🙂

  • MichelleM

    Have you ever used this with date sugar or any other sugar alternative? I prefer to use dates as my sweetener but I’ve been told that it doesn’t melt well so I got some stevia but I’m guessing to make a syrup you need something to melt…

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