Vegan Longsilog – A Filipino Breakfast Plate by Astig Vegan

Although I have loved the Filipino cuisine that I tried in my pre-vegan days, I haven’t even attempted to veganize a dish yet, let alone a breakfast plate with three different items. So when I came across Astig Vegan (rcestudios), I was so excited! The creator of Astig Vegan, RG, is super fun to watch and informative. I love how warm her personality is and how she gives you the background to her recipes and many of the ingredients. When she posted a video series for a Filipino breakfast plate, Longsilog, I knew I had to try it.

Find out what I thought about her breakfast combo of Garlic Fried Rice, Vegan Scramble “Egg,” and Vegan Longganisa.

Video review of Astig Vegan’s Longsilog

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Garlic Fried Rice Video
Vegan Scrambled “Egg” Video
Vegan Longaniza Video

Have you tried any vegan Filipino cuisine? What did you have? What did you think?

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