Baked Strawberry Chips! Snacks for the Movies

If you’re lucky, your local movie theatre might have vegan-friendly popcorn. But usually vegans have to resort to sneaking in their own. For the next week, I’ll be sharing a few ideas for your next movie night that are easy, delicious, and portable! Today’s recipe is for these strawberry chips. No dehydrator needed!

Video tutorial for Baked Strawberry Chips

Dried strawberries have a more concentrated flavour than their fresh counterparts. So this means even out of season and not so sweet strawberries taste great after dehydrating.

This series was inspired by one of our active YouTube community members. They generously donated 5 online “copies” of Cowspiracy for a giveaway. Cowspiracy is a thought and action provoking environmental documentary. Entry details can be found in the video.

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