Sushi Addicts Not-So-Anonymous Pt2 – A couple fresh vegan maki ideas

This post won’t have a recipe, but instead, a few vegan sushi maki ideas for ya! If you want a run down on how to make maki (seasoning the rice, rolling the sushi, etc) check out my last post about it here.

After living in Calgary for just over half a year, I still haven’t gotten used to it. It’s the little things. That turn into big things. Like the fact that my closest grocery store has been out of nori for over a month! What is this place?!?! ARGH!!!!! I could go out for sushi but there isn’t a huge selection for vegans in any of the restaurants I have tried here so far. I admit I have been spoiled by Sushi Bistro in Banff with it’s large veggie maki & nigiri selection as well as all the sushi places in Vancouver who seem to have no problem pointing out vegan options and making substitutions. Mmm….sushi….Oh what was I talking about again?

Oh right. My sushi dinner the other night!

vegan vegetable sushi rolls and inari

Homemade sushi rolls and inari

Now from afar, this plate looks pretty good right? *pats back* But upon closer inspection you’ll see my amateur rice rolling. Oops, forgot to halve the nori before attempting the rice-on-the-outside roll. Now it has double the rice it was supposed to!

From the bottom left and going clock-wise, we have:

  1. Spicy Negi-tofu maki. Just added sriracha to this negi-tofu maki recipe
  2. Kappa rolls. That’s just cucumber. Simple but refreshing.
  3. Avocado rolls. Another simple one but it’s one of my absolute favourite kinds.
  4. Sweet orange pepper, avocado and scallions. This was my favourite of the night! That simple combination of creamy avocado and crisp sweet bell pepper accented with little green onions! So good!
  5. Lastly, inari. I bought the wrappers from T&T, the Asian grocery store, and just stuffed it with seasoned sushi rice.
vegan sushi roll with avocado, sweet orange pepper and scallions

A closer look at the negi-avo-pepper maki.

These rolls were a lot simpler than the mushroom and negi bean maki recipes that I posted in Part 1 of this series. What are your favourite vegan sushi ingredients? I’d love to hear about them and try them too!

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  • Tammy

    Hey! Which Inari wrappers did you get at TNT .. I wasn’t sure which ones were Vegan when I was there:)
    Your sushi looks amazing !!!!!!

  • Carmen

    Yum, sushi is a big fave in our family! I made it once before with my Momma years ago… I just bought the stuff to make my own today! I didn’t get any veggies yet… waiting on my food box to see what I get, then it’ll be time to get creative! I’m excited it seems like a fun dish to make, and it’ll save me money on take out sushi!

    • Mary

      Woohoo!! I want to see what you end up making! I used to get a produce box and loved finding “new-to-me” veggies in there. 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Carmen!

  • Lydija

    Some of our favorite ingredients are as follows: mushrooms which have been marinated in tamari, we also do a teriyaki baked tofu strip roll, lettuce/peppers/avocado/sprouts, yam rolls (baked yam) – all yummy. We prep all the ingredients, then everyone rolls their favorite together and then we share. We stuff the inari with green onions tofu, mushrooms, etc as well

    • Mary

      oOoo Teriyaki baked tofu sounds great! Thanks for all the ideas!

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