Creamy Vegan Leek Soup with Crispy Sage

The smoky flavor of crispy sage takes this creamy vegan leek soup to the next level! Without any dairy or flour, this rich and savory soup is perfect for this time of year.


Why you’ll love this Creamy Vegan Leek Soup with Crispy Sage

Currently, it’s extremely cold here in Calgary, Alberta (-35°C / -31°F!!) and this soup is just the right recipe! But you’ll love this Creamy Vegan Leek Soup with Crispy Sage anytime! It’s:

  • simple to make with only 6 ingredients,
  • gluten-free,
  • naturally savory and sweet from leeks,
  • thick and rich without added dairy or flour.

How to Make Creamy Vegan Leek Soup with Crispy Sage

Leeks are notoriously annoying to clean. So I like to take off any limp outer leaves first, chop them roughly, and then wash thoroughly in water.

roughly chopped leek

When you have your ingredients prepared, the leeks are simply cooked soft with some salt and garlic. The salt draws moisture out of the leeks so you don’t need to add any oil. 

uncooked and cooked leeks

When they are soft, add a vegan chicken-style bouillon cube and a couple cups of water. 

bright green leeks being cooked with vegetable bouillon and water

Separately, blend two tablespoons of raw cashews with a cup of hot water to create cashew cream. Add the cream to the pot.

Then you’ll want to blend half the soup to make it smooth and creamy. You can use an immersion blender in the pot but I prefer to scoop it out to my Vitamix. The texture is so much better that way.

simmering pot of creamy leek soup

Keep the soup simmering on the lowest heat while you make your crispy sage.

How to Make Crispy Sage

First wash your fresh sage leaves and pat them dry. Then you can heat a pan with a bit of oil over medium-high. When the pan is hot, lay down the sage leaves and let them sizzle for about 20 seconds. Be careful not to let them burn.

fresh sage leaves being pan fried

The crispy sage becomes smoky, savory, and is just wonderful when crumbled over this soup. It’s also great on pasta and on sandwiches too.

creamy vegan leek soup with one crispy sage leaf

Nutrition Information for Creamy Vegan Leek Soup with Crispy Sage

As usual, I calculated the nutrition information using Cronometer. One serving (half of the recipe) of this creamy vegan leek soup with crispy sage has:

  • 260 calories
  • 12g of fat (when 1 tablespoon of olive oil is used during the whole cooking process)
  • 36.2g total carbohydrates with 4.4g coming from fiber
    • 31.8g net carbs per serving
  • 5.2g protein

Nutrition facts generated by Cronometer.com for Creamy Leek Soup with Crispy Sage

Printable Recipe for Creamy Vegan Leek Soup with Crispy Sage

Yield: 2

Creamy Vegan Leek Soup with Crispy Sage

Creamy Vegan Leek Soup with Crispy Sage

This creamy leek soup contains no dairy or flour to make it rich and thick. The crispy sage elevates the meal with smoky savory flavor.

Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 2 cups chopped leeks, whites and light green parts only (454g or 1lb)
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 cube vegan chicken-style bouillon (1 tsp powder)
  • 3 cups hot water, divided (plus more to thin out soup if desired)
  • 2 tablespoons raw cashews
  • 4 fresh sage leaves


  1. Cook the chopped leek and garlic over medium high heat in a pot. Sprinkle in the salt and stir to incorporate. Let cook until the leeks are soft, about 5 minutes. Stir regularly to avoid burning the leeks.
  2. Add the bouillon cube and 2 cups of water. Lower the temperature to medium heat.
  3. Separately, blend the remaining cup of hot water with the cashews until very smooth.
  4. Add the cashew cream to the pot and stir.
  5. Let the soup continue cooking but ladle out about half to a blender. Blend until smooth. Add it back into the pot and stir to completely reincorporate.
  6. Taste and season with salt and pepper if desired. For a thinner soup, add more water or vegetable broth. For a thicker soup, let simmer over medium low heat for a while.
  7. Seperately heat a nonstick pan with a thin layer of oil over medium to medium high heat. When the pan is hot, lay down the washed and dried sage leaves. Let pan-fry for about 20 seconds; until the sage leaves are crispy but not burned. Remove immediately.
  8. Serve the soup topped with a couple crispy sage leaves and enjoy!

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