Vegan Beauty DIY: Lemon Coconut Hand & Nail Treatment

lemon being squeezed

Beauty treatment? What is this? I thought this was a food blog!

messy kitchen counter top

My messy, cluttered counter space

It is, dear reader. This vegan “beauty” treatment is to help repair damage from constantly washing your hands as I do in the kitchen while preparing meals/making big messes. Ok, maybe I’m the only one here making a disaster out of my counter tops and sink.

Or, maybe you’re like me and you grew up in a skin-loving paradise with cool, moist air only to move to a dry climate that shrivels said skin up and messes with your sinuses. In any case, this Lemon Coconut Hand Treatment will leave your skin super soft, hydrated and smelling like summer! Gawds, I miss summer :'(

For this “recipe,” you’ll need

  • A couple lemon wedges
  • A couple tablespoons of granulated sugar
  • A tablespoon of coconut oil. Unrefined is best but in a pinch, just use what you have.
  • Lukewarm water


Lemon is such a versatile ingredient in hand treatments as its fruit acids help to exfoliate the skin while it brightens and whitens nails. Doesn’t hurt that it smells fantastic either. The sugar acts as the physical exfoliant to scrub away rough, dead skin cells. Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and works even better on freshly exfoliated skin, soaking in and imparting it’s own beautiful, tropical scent.

A word of caution: Lemon juice’s acidity can be irritating. Don’t use it if you have broken skin or if your skin is sensitive. Using Lemon Essential Oil can make skin photosensitive so the same may hold true for the juice. Use at your own risk!

Check out the video below for the tutorial.

What do you do for dry skin? I’d love to hear about it!

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