Cold Tofurkey Week 6: Vegan Boots for Fall

I awoke one morning to a dark sky. I haven’t used an alarm clock in months and usually get up at the same time every morning. But, it being so dark, I assumed it was still early so I stayed in bed. Minutes later, I heard my downstairs neighbour’s alarm. I sprang up to check the time. LATE. Oh so very very late. It seems that Nature has decided to discard Summer and put on Fall overnight.

As much as I love Summer, Fall has its own appeal: curling up with a soy london fog, reading a book while the rain beats on the windows, warm beds with piles of fuzzy blankets, and braving the elements in cozy trench coats and boots. Oh the BOOTS.

As a new vegan, I have to put much more thought into the clothes I buy. Supporting a cruel leather industry, just because some shoes are hot, is something I cannot do anymore. And so, I put in a bit of time for research. Oh fashion research–my life is just so darn tough. 😉

Looks like my linen closet is going to get transformed into another shoe closet…

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