Cold Tofurkey Week 5: Philosophical Flip-Flopping

Cute Pig!

Cute Pig!

Only one week ago, I did declare that I was not against the idea of killing animals to consume their meat. After all, animals kill other animals and must for their own survival. In nature, there is no good or evil, right or wrong. There is only what is. So, I became vegan only to avoid cruelty. I was open to the idea of going back to animal products if I could be certain of a humane process.

I thought about this issue a lot over this past week. I could only come to the conclusion that using/eating animals is selfish. It is one of the many short-cuts we use to further our pleasures. I state it without judgement on the character of people that use/eat animals. Although we are taught (at least I was) that selfishness is a shameful quality, even animals place their own well-being before others. It’s a matter of survival. Fortunately, for us compassionate human beings, it is not a matter of survival to consume animals. We are smart, innovative, and resourceful enough to thrive on alternative means. Because of enculturation, most people just don’t know it…yet.

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  • Karma

    You don’t kill them when they’re cute and cuddly! You don’t get much bacon from that! Well… okay, I’m not fond of animals being killed, either. After-all… we’re not fond of animals killing humans.

  • Anneka Schneider

    My sentiments exactly. For me, veganism was a change in my heart and my mind, and its been a journey of learning and growing. looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  • Amanda

    I completely agree!
    Have you looked into medical studies/reasons that say humans aren’t supposed to digest meat or other animal products? Obviously, there are studies for the opposition as well, though I am curious what your thoughts would be on that.
    Love the pig!

    • Mary

      I haven’t really looked into the research, to be honest, so I can’t settle on a side. What I do feel, is that there are many healthy vegans that have been living this lifestyle for decades. When done properly, we can be super healthy on a plant based diet. I do intend to educate myself about this issue, but for now, I won’t comment on something I can’t back up. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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