Apotment Plants: Why you should green up your windows

Little Tom Thumb Tomato Plant

Little Tom Thumb Tomato Plant

Like an increasing number of urban dwellings, my one bedroom apartment doesn’t afford very much room for a garden. However, if you have a window, you can have a garden. There is no square footage requirement. And before you say that your windowsill doesn’t get much sun, I’ll say you don’t NEED much sun. And with the proper set-up, you don’t need any..but that’s for another post! But why bother with plants in your home anyway? Well, I’ll tell you why!

    1. Make your house/condo/postage-stamp-posing-as-an-apartment a home – Even one plant on your coffee or dining table instantly makes a place more homey.


    1. Feel more in touch with nature and de-stress – In our sterile world, having plants in our environment remind us of the wonders of nature. There is a certain serenity that comes with just gazing upon them. Even having plants in your field of vision is proven to reduce stress.


  1. Bounty – There are few things more satisfying than popping your cherry (tomato) from your windowsill garden. Your harvest could be in the form of aromatic flowers, some herbs, mini oranges, tomatoes, or even just a cup of sprouts. Eating the things you’ve grown yourself is a deliciously unique feeling.

Do you have an indoor garden? Add your thoughts below!

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  • Kirsty

    Hi there,

    Just read this and totally agree! A little while ago I bought some Italian Parsley and mint for my windowsill. I am also in a unit …. I love having them there!

    I am also recently vegan, only a few months and love it! It’s nice to read all your cooking blogs because I need help in that department.



  • Mary

    Hi Kristy,
    Isn’t it so satisfying using your fresh parsley and mint? 😀 Congratulations on going vegan! Being relatively new at it myself, it’s so great to hear that you are finding my cooking blogs useful. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. 🙂

  • Kirsty

    Yes, it is really satisfying! It adds a bit of fun to cooking as well.

    I’ve signed up for your blogs, so I will keep in touch.

    Kirsty : )

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