Cold Tofurkey Week 7: Luckiest Vegan in the World/ Why My Dad is So Awesome

Me and My Dad

Me and My Dad

When I “came out” to my parents as vegan and told them I will no longer consume animal products, I was a little bit nervous. Yes, I am a grown woman, but my parents’ opinions still matter to me. I’ve been on vegan forums and it seemed like many new vegans had a difficult time with family and friends judging or criticizing them. My own parents just said, “Whatever makes you happy, dear” and brushed it off.

This past Sunday, my mom was out of town, so my siblings and I decided to have dinner with my Dad to keep him company. Dad called me in the early afternoon to tell me what I would have there to work with, as I usually get there early to help with the cooking. It seemed that he had forgotten that I was vegan and proceeded to tell me how he had stocked up on all types of meat. I was a little annoyed and told him (probably a bit too abruptly) that I will not cook the meat products; only the vegetables.

Later on, I arrived at my parent’s house a little late. My dad was already at work on the dinner. There isn’t much room in their new kitchen for two chefs, so he sent me upstairs to look at some new photos he just had developed. I think he was just trying to get rid of me. That was pretty odd, especially as I usually help with the cooking when we have family dinners nowadays.

My bro and sis arrived soon after and we had a great time catching up, while Dad finished cooking. When we were finally called downstairs, I was amazed! My Dad (aka best father in the entire world) made not just one, but THREE fully vegan dishes! A Chinese mushroom & smooth tofu dish, steamed watercress, and stewed Chinese eggplant. It looked and tasted absolutely delicious. I wish I had brought my camera.

Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes when I think about what a thoughtful and loving family I have. I am truly blessed.

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