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It’s been over a month since my last post on my blog, yet I’ve been churning out more plant-based content than ever before. I’ve committed to a new YouTube posting schedule: Mondays are for vegan cookbook reviews, Wednesdays are “What I Are Vegan” days, and Fridays are for new, easy vegan recipe tutorials. Trying to share quality content while balancing my day job has admittedly been a challenge. However, every time I get an email, YT, IG, or Facebook message from a viewer telling me how my videos have helped them in sustaining or transitioning into a veg*n lifestyle, I know that my efforts are making some difference and that is worth all the juggling in the world. And there’s my long-winded half-explanation for not taking the time to post on this blog. With this post, let’s get start getting caught up on all the WIAW’s that you’ve missed if you haven’t seen them on YouTube yet. Starting with the most recent…

What I Ate Vegan – May 20, 2015

Over the weekend, I had made a bunch of things for the Everyday Happy Herbivore cookbook review that was later posted on Monday. So of course, we still had leftovers on Tuesday (the day I film WIAW videos).

For breakfast, I had a couple slices of Blueberry Breakfast Cake from the book. I loved the ginger and cinnamon in the cake; the spices had really settled in and made the cake even nicer than when fresh. The cake reminded me of a Chinese steamed cake which is bland by Western standards as the amount of sweetener used is minimal. I have been using more sugar and salt in my foods lately and I know my preferences have changed. But it only takes a few days of eating less sugar and salt to reset. And so now, I am enjoying that blueberry breakfast cake even more. Especially with my fave tea at the moment: Very Berry by Stash. I love the fruity berry flavour that is summery and cozy all at the same time.

2 blueberry cake slices and berry herbal tea

For second breakfast (because all the best days include second breakfast), I ate a huge bowl of grapes. When fruit is sweet, I can eat a ton of it. I can eat it all day and all night; though I don’t buy into the 100% fruitarian thing that has made headlines a just a few times as of late 😉


At lunch, it was leftovers time. Leftover curry bean and mushroom rice with some roasted potato salad. The salad is something I’m working on for a mini book I’m putting together for you guys.

Finally at dinner, I hemmed and hawed at what I should make. Then I remembered the Explore Asian Edamame Noodles that I received in my last Vegan Cuts Snack Box and that I had told you guys that I would tell you what I thought. When I opened the package, I took a sniff…smelled like a cross between green tea and bamboo. But the ingreidents are only edamame and water so I guess that’s what edamame smells like. I am not sure I’ve ever giving plain edamame a sniff so I don’t know if that’s normal or not. Regardless, it was not unpleasant.


In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by these noodles. They cook up just like regular pasta and don’t seem to be easy to overcook. The texture was like a firm al dente. They reminded me of bean curd noodles but softer, still toothsome but not overly so. I flavoured the noodles with garlic, ginger, scallions, soy sauce and vegetable broth; a flavour combination I had countless times a kid growing up in my Chinese household. I never get tired of it.


It was green food on greed food though. The noodles were topped with more noodles in the form of spiralized zucchini and two kinds of leftover tofu: silken and extra firm tofu.

Simple but the combination tasted wonderful. Both types of noodles soaked up the umami flavours in the broth and sauce as did the tofu. Green on green doesn’t sound amazing but this dish did taste amazing.

To get more details on ingredients and amounts, watch the video!

And that was my food day, how was yours? 🙂

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