How to Press Tofu

There’s pressed tofu and then there’s PRESSED tofu. When you squeeze out all the water in tofu, it can soak up marinades more efficiently than unpressed tofu and that means MORE FLAVOUR! You can certainly buy super pressed tofu but it’s often sold out or just not stocked well at my local grocery stores.

The video below demonstrates how to press tofu without a tofu press machine. All you need are some heavy things (I used my collection of vegan cookbooks), a cutting board, a clean kitchen towel or two, and your regular store-bought tofu. This method of pressing tofu was inspired by a blog post by Olives For Dinner. I thought I was doing it right until I tried her method! She also has other beautiful how-to’s and recipes. I encourage any vegan food lover to visit her website.

Video tutorial for How to Press Tofu

Do you have another way that you like to press tofu?

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