Cold Tofurkey – My transition to veganhood – wk 1

Last Thursday, I posted about how I’ve been boxed into becoming vegan. So I’ve quit meat cold turkey. Or more aptly, cold tofurkey.

Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans

So far, I haven’t had very much trouble in this transition. Before giving up animal products, my typical dinner was rice, sauteed/steamed greens, and some kind of protein in the form of beans or meat. Now, I’m just not giving myself the meat option. It helps that I love beans and have been discovering NEW beans. Well, they are new to me. Growing up, my Asian family just didn’t do beans. My first encounter with a kidney bean was when my elementary school introduced a hot lunch program and we had chilli one day. All the other kids said EWWWWW to the kidney beans and picked them out. I pretended to be grossed out too, but secretly LOVED them. I look back and laugh at my wannabe-mainstream self.

The slight inconvenience that I do experience is not being able to have a lot of bakery goods! I love my Hong Kong style bakery products, but all my favourites contain milk/eggs. LAME. However, that just means more recipes to test for this blog. It’s a win, anyway!

Side note, did you know mushrooms can come in JERKY form?!!?? OMG it is so awesome.

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