Boxed into Veganism

I like meat. There I said it. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a meat-eater. Despite PETA and celebrity activists, no one decries the lion for killing and devouring the antelope.

HOWEVER, after learning about how the leather, food, entertainment, research, and pet industries treat animals, I am ready to swear off consuming mass-market animal products. There are many on and offline resources you can reference to get educated on what is happening; I won’t get into it in this post. One documentary that I will recommend is Earthlings (2006). It gives a pretty good overview of the main industries where animals are being mistreated. I don’t agree with everything expressed but they raise some frighteningly valid points with graphic evidence.

Unfortunately, for this meat-eater and city dweller, there is no easy way to determine whether the meat found in my local grocery stores/butcher shops were treated humanely during their lives or at the slaughterhouse. In fact, chances are pretty high that none would be to my standard of what I would consider humane. And thus, I have been boxed into veganism.

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