The War on Aphids Continues…

Over the last few months, I have been fighting against a relentless aphid horde. Soap spray hasn’t affected them, and they’ve spread from two strawberry plants to nearly every plant in the windowsill garden. Only the lavender, basil, and grape plants seem to be resisting. Or, perhaps, the aphids are saving them for last.

Aphids on Chamomile
I have taken to physically removing the aphids by pinching them off or shaking them off the plants every so often. However, it seems like a losing battle as even ONE aphid can produce a colony. They are BORN PREGNANT!

I am very close to bagging up the affected plants and starting a new, shade-loving windowsill garden in my bedroom. That windowsill only gets a couple hours of sunlight, but it is well away from the aphids…

  • Eftychia

    These flowers are so beautiful. In Cyprus we use them as a natural way to keep our hair healthy and shiny. What we do, is to boil them and use that water to wash our hair. It really works…

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