Zombie Apocalypse: Why Prepare?

zombie warningThe first justification I usually give about preparing for the zombie apocalypse is that preparing for the zombie apocalypse prepares one for most other, likelier disaster scenarios (ie. earthquake, nuclear disaster, war, civil upheaval). I don’t usually volunteer the fact that I think such a eventuality isn’t so far fetched at all. It’s bound to happen one day. Whether it’s from a government laboratory experiment gone awry or the natural evolution of a zombifying bacterium, the zombies are coming. dun dun DUN.

So other than these two main reasons, here are my top five reasons for preparing for the zombie apocalypse:

  1. +100 points for Badassness – whether it’s sharpening archery aims or learning to use a gun, you have to admit, equipping oneself with ranged weapons skills is pretty fraking cool.
  2. Extra motivation to get off the couch – as Columbus said in Zombieland, “The first rule of Zombieland: Cardio. When the zombie outbreak first hit, the first to go, for obvious reasons… were the fatties. “
  3. A zombie-proof home is also a people-proof home – Hey, I like my alone time, alright?
  4. Gaming time is now “console-aided combat simulation” time – Jus sayin’
  5. Getting to say “I told you so” – I’m still waiting for this benefit to kick in.
What are your reasons for preparing for the zombie apocalypse, aside from the obvious?
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  • Liz

    Okay, so, I followed your link over from The Kind Diet forum out of curiosity (I’m the quinoa chick), was kind of skimming the main page, and got distracted and excited by “zombie preparedness” on the sidebar.

    I’m a bit obsessed with survival scenarios, and I’ve definitely incorporate zombies into my planning. I don’t think it will happen, but I’m certain I’d survive if it did. Anyway, my reason for preparing for a zombie apocalypse is twofold: I’d rather not have my brains eaten, and I want to run the world when it’s all over. I really hope that wasn’t your plan, because I don’t know if we could be friends in that case.

    • Mary

      lol I am sure there is enough world to rule for the both of us. 😉

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