The War on Aphids

AH!!! I hate them so much!

Little Strawberry Plant

Little Strawberry Plant

A couple months ago, I picked up two baby strawberry plants and promptly gave them their own spot in my windowsill garden. Very quickly, one of them started producing fruit, which I was uber excited about. However, the other plant was growing slowly and its leaves started to yellow and brown. I tried pinching off the affected leaves but then the healthy leaves would turn as well. I tried being more regular with watering and added a little fish juice…but to no avail. Then I spotted them. Evil green drops of baby-plant-killing APHIDS!!

Since then, I have been battling those monsters on the strawberry plants by picking them off with q-tips. I tried spraying with a mixture of lavender oil, water and soap but that didn’t seem to affect the buggers in the least. Now, I’ve found them on my salad greens!! ARGH! *shakes fist*

What I wouldn’t give for a few ladybuygs to fly in through the window…

I think I may just stay away from nursery plants next year and stick with my own babies from seeds. In this case, adoption was not the best choice.

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