Will It Yogurt?

Welcome to my new series: Will It Yogurt?! Over the next few weeks, we (I mean you and me) will use traditional methods of making yogurt and apply them to non-traditional plant-based ingredients. Let’s answer questions like:

  1. What are the different ways to make yogurt traditionally?
  2. What makes vegan yogurt different from dairy yogurt? What are the technical details we’ll need to pay attention to?
  3. Can all beans, nuts, seeds or grains be used to make yogurt? Or are only a few worth making?
  4. What nutritional value can we expect from vegan yogurt?
  5.  And even more importantly, can we save money by making vegan yogurt at home? Is homemade plant-based yogurt cheaper?

And if you have more questions, please leave them in the comments ASAP so I can answer or find out for you. Bookmark this page if you’re into it because I’ll update it as we try more ingredients and find more results! And if you decide to make-along at home, please take pictures and tag me on Instagram @marystestkitchen with #WillitTofu.

Episode 1: Soy Yogurt – Store-Bought Soymilk VS Homemade from Soybeans



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hemp hearts and container of cubed hemp heart tofu