Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Press Review

Is the Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Press as good as it seems? Yes. But what are the downsides? Read on!

Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Video Review

Specs and Materials

The main reason I bought the Nijsaku Tofu Press was because it’s made of stainless steel. Plus, it has a simple design that looks easy to use and clean. I’ve seen metal tofu presses before but they all had certain disadvantages so I passed on them. So when I saw this one at such a good price, I jumped!

All- Metal Construction

The main components of the tofu press are made of 304 stainless steel. According to Wikipedia, this kind of food grade steel is resistant to corrosion. So like other stainless steel cookware, it should not rust.

Since getting it, I have used it several times. Most times, I’ve let it air dry immediately after washing. Once, I left it by the sink without washing for a couple days before hand washing and letting it air dry once more. It still looks perfectly rust-free. However, it’s still early days to say. Of course I will update this page if anything changes.

On the other hand, one YouTube commenter said that they put theirs through the dishwasher and it came out with some surface rust. A couple Amazon reviews say similar things. So my personal recommendation now is to handwash only.

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Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Presser parts laid out

Included in the package

  • container
  • vented base plate
  • pressing plate
  • tension plate
  • screw
  • drip tray
  • cheesecloth

With the exception of the drip tray and cheesecloth, which is plastic, the press components are made of stainless steel. Each piece is finished so there are no sharp edges and they fit together perfectly.

Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Presser unboxed


However, if you are sensitive to the sound of metal on metal, you might find the task of putting everything together unpleasant. As for me, I hate the sound when I’m putting in/taking out the vented base plate, but I put up with it because it just works so well. I asked my partner if he got the heebie jeebies from it too. He actually didn’t think anything of it; completely unaffected. Must be nice 😉

The included cheesecloth feels durable and is a good size for the press. I’ve put it through the laundry once already and it’s held up nicely.

Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Presser and drip tray

Size and Capacity

The Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Press can press a hefty block of tofu! With all that capacity, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a block of tofu too big to fit. And if you’re making your own homemade tofu, you’ll definitely be able to make full pound blocks (or more) in there.

The interior capacity measures (L x W x H): 6 1/4″ x  4 5/8″ x 2 3/4″ or 5.9cm x 11.8cm x 6.5cm.


As of writing, the price on Amazon.com is $32.99 USD. I bought mine from the Canadian site for $39.99 CAD though I have also seen it for as high as $43.99.

January to March price tracking chart

Ease of Use and Performance

The press does not come with any instructions. However, because press works with a tension and screw system instead of the traditional weights or springs or rubber bands, its advantage is in the simplicity.

For making homemade tofu, the included cheesecloth was handy to wrap my fresh curds. Then I found it easy to use the screw to adjust the pressing plate to the desired level. However, because there are no marking on the sides of the container, you have to eye-ball the level that you want.

For medium-firm tofu, I checked the level of the fresh curds without any pressing, then set the pressing plate to half-way up that depth. This gave me the right consistency and my homemade medium-firm tofu was evenly pressed throughout. And because it’s all metal, it was fast to chill the hot curds in the fridge. It only took a few hours to chill completely.

Using Nijsaku Tofu Press for homemade tofu

For pressing your store-bought tofu, the process is the same except you’d be wrapping up a solid block instead of loose curds. Place your tofu in the center of the press for the most even pressure. 

While the tension plate and screw system is simple, it still has room to improve. I am pretty clumsy on a good day and I found getting the screw into the plate took me a couple tries. Plus, the first time I went to wash the components, I dropped the screw into my garburator. Luckily, I was able to fish it out with tongs. Let my clumsiness be a warning! 😉


Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Presser plastic tray, cheesecloth, metal bar and screw

The Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Press is really does what it promises! I love that only stainless steel touches my tofu during use, how sturdy and high quality it feels, and how easy it was to use and clean. The price is much more reasonable compared to other metal tofu presses I’ve seen before so I feel like I’ve really gotten my money’s worth.

Have you tried it yet?

Buy it on Amazon.com

Buy it on Amazon.ca

Please note that these links are Amazon Affiliate links which means I can receive a small commission when you buy through them. There’s no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting my work!

Nijsaku Stainless Steel Tofu Presser in plastic packaging.

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  • Bret Wieseler

    How would you say it compares to the plastic one I see you using in other videos?

    • Mary

      They both do the job well but with some differences.
      The Noya will not withstand the heat of fresh curds as the plastic can warp while you don’t have that problem with the Nijsaku.
      The Nijsaku’s simple design has no nooks and crannies so it’s easy to clean. The Noya does so I try to only make unflavored tofu in it.
      The Noya makes satisfying clicking sounds 🙂 The Nijsaku makes me want to crawl out of me skin lol
      So you know, pro’s and con’s to each

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