Tofu Making Equipment and Supplies

People always ask what equipment I use for making tofu at home, so I finally put the list together! This is all the equipment and ingredients that you’ll need to make beautiful homemade tofu. Please note that the links on this page are Amazon affiliate links meaning I will earn a small commission if you decide to use them. There is no extra cost to you.

Tofu Making Tools/Equipment

Tofu-Making Ingredients

To make tofu, you need dried soybeans (or if making high-protein soy-free tofu, other beans, peas, seeds or nuts). Most of the time, I buy locally for the best price and so that check in-person that the ingredients are good quality (that is, fresh, no unpleasant smells, and no overly dried-out or rotten beans).

Coagulants are another story. You can buy acid coagulants like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and white vinegar at the grocery store. You can also find epsom salts at pharmacies. However, traditional coagulants are a bit harder to find. Luckily, they are available online. When I need to stock up, I buy these:

  • Gypsum (calcium sulfate) is my favorite for being cheap, dependable and tasteless, and
  • Liquid Nigari from Vancouver Island Sea Salt is also good and dependable. However nigari does impart a different flavor to tofu. I don’t love it, but then I grew up with tofu made with gypsum. So perhaps those who grew up with nigari tofu prefer that. Please note that Vancouver Island Nigari seems to be only available in Canada at this time. 

Have I forgotten anything? Please let me know if you’re looking for something else in the comments below.

Thank you in advance if you decide to use any of the links on this page. The small commissions do add up and help to support my work; including all the tofu-testing adventures!


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  • Tehila

    Have you tried a bamboo press that you can recommend? I’m trying to avoid plastic…

    • Mary

      Sorry No, I don’t. BUT I am currently trying a stainless steel one. I will update the blog/youtube channel when I’ve made up my mind on it 🙂

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