Hello friend (or-not-yet-friend)!

Welcome to my kitchen where you can find vegan recipes, tips, and tricks for making delicious everyday plant-based meals and vegan treats. As a Chinese Canadian, I grew up loving all the amazing international cuisines available in my hometown of Vancouver, BC including Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese and more! You’ll find some of my favourites veganized and simplified so you can make them at home without sacrificing flavour. What would you like me to veganize next?

Vegan Caramel Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts

These fluffy yeasted vegan doughnuts are made with warming pumpkin pie spices, dipped in buttery creamy vegan caramel and topped with toasted walnuts. Like the original coffee shop PSL, these [...]

Vegan Almond Mocha Protein Doughnut Recipe

These almond mocha protein doughnuts will wake you right up, slay hunger, and keep you full with a boost of vegan protein. I made them for a quick on-the-go breakfast so even though they look and [...]

Easy Vegan Naan

This vegan naan is very simple and easy to make. The inspiration was the naan from my favourite Indian restaurant in Vancouver from my pre-vegan days. It was puffy and soft, stretchy as you [...]

Vegan Chinese BBQ Pork Buns | Vegetarian Char Siu Bao | 素叉燒包

These delicious vegan bbq pork buns are made with seitan and king oyster mushrooms to replace the lean and fatty parts of the bbq pork normally found in steamed bbq pork buns found at Chinese dim [...]