Cold Tofurkey Week 3 – Eating Out

In last week’s Cold Tofurkey, I talked about how easy I found this transition to Veganhood was. This past week, I have been stumbling a bit. The issue is when I go out with friends.

I am trying not to be the annoying preachy vegan friend. It took me a long time to align my values with my actions and I don’t expect others to magically understand just because I’ve made this change. So, I will gladly go to omnivore restaurants with friends/family.  Usually, when I’m out with friends, we will spontaneously decide where to go to eat. Rarely will we plan it out ahead of time. However, with my new diet restrictions, I have found myself resorting to plain salads and french fries. A lot. In fact, I think I’ve had more fries in two weeks than I’ve had in the previous two months.

The second thing is that recently I found out that ALL the breads from the bakery/deli where my office gets lunch from have egg protein in them. To me, this is crazy! I have been making my own bread since 8th grade (thank you home economics class!) and always preferred making bread without milk or eggs. I find it rises better and, well, wastes less food. Unless it’s a specialty sweet bread, I really have no idea why they need to put egg protein in everything.

Anywho, that takes away my sandwich option for lunch. Yes, it has been suggested that I just bring my own bread with me. And no, I find that way too weird. Plus, if I’m going through the trouble of bringing bread, I might as well go through the trouble of making a proper lunch anyway. Ah…this veganhood is really getting in the way of my laziness.

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