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Vegan Garlic Mozzarella – Slice it and Grate it!

This creamy vegan mozzarella is great sliced on bread and crackers but is also solid enough to grate for pizza. The recipe is based on’s Foxy Moxy cheese sauce, but has a more complex cheesy flavour due to the addition of homemade cultured cashew cream cheese. This give it more of a authentic cheese […]

Easy Cultured Cashew Cream Cheese

This easy cultured cashew cheese is quickly becoming a staple in my house. This rich, creamy cultured cream consists of only two ingredients but develops into varying depths of cheesy flavour. Eat it on it’s own, add it to other creams or sauces, or turn it into a solid cheese (like this creamy garlic mozzarella […]

Easy Cultured Almond Cheese

This cultured almond recipe makes a nice, mild, spreadable vegan cheese with a bit of tang and a subtle, musky flavour reminiscent of goat cheese. This cultured almond base is intended to be combined with other ingredients and cultured further for the more complex, solid cheeses later in this Vegan MoFo series. However, it can […]

Make Your Own Rejuvelac for Culturing Cheese

Rejuvelac is a totally vegan fermented liquid that is made from sprouted grains. It’s been touted as a drink for digestive health, but for us, we’re going to be using it for it’s lactobacillus bacteria which produces lactic acid. It’s going to help our cheeses develop that complex sharp, tangy and funky cheese flavours. This […]

Vegan Chive & Dill Hemp Heart Cheese

Welcome to Vegan MoFo Day 2! For today’s post, I’m taking the leftovers from making hemp milk, and turning it into a quick-cultured herb cream cheese. The natural, earthy flavour of cultured hemp hearts goes perfectly with fresh dill and chives, brightened by lemon and made extra smooth with a bit of coconut yogurt. Video […]
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