Vegan Garlic Mozzarella – Slice it and Grate it!

This creamy vegan mozzarella is great sliced on bread and crackers but is also solid enough to grate for pizza. The recipe is based on’s Foxy Moxy cheese sauce, but has a more [...]

Easy Cultured Cashew Cream Cheese

This easy cultured cashew cheese is quickly becoming a staple in my house. This rich, creamy cultured cream consists of only two ingredients but develops into varying depths of cheesy flavour. [...]

Almond Gruyere – Vegan Cultured Cheese

Once upon a time, I thought I totally screwed up a batch of cultured cheese. I had let it culture for a couple days and it took on a musky odour that reminded me of dirt and grease. Appetizing, I [...]

Make Your Own Rejuvelac for Culturing Cheese

Rejuvelac is a totally vegan fermented liquid that is made from sprouted grains. It’s been touted as a drink for digestive health, but for us, we’re going to be using it for [...]