Tomato Maki Sushi

I first encountered tomatoes in sushi a few years ago when I moved to the Town of Banff.  It was one or two days after I had arrived when my roommate took me to Sushi Bistro, which would [...]

Vegan California Rolls and Uramaki Sushi Technique for Beginners

California rolls are one of my favourite kinds of sushi. Luckily, they are a cinch to veganize and the uramaki technique of having the rice on the outside isn’t as complicated as it looks. [...]

Sushi Addicts Not-So-Anonymous Pt2 – A couple fresh vegan maki ideas

This post won’t have a recipe, but instead, a few vegan sushi maki ideas for ya! If you want a run down on how to make maki (seasoning the rice, rolling the sushi, etc) check out my last [...]

Sushi Addicts Not-So-Anonymous Pt 1 (vegan sushi recipe)

Sweet Button Mushroom Maki and Negi-Kidney Bean Maki Prep Time: 20 minutes (excluding time to cook rice/beans) Makes 24 – 32 pieces; about 4 servings Scroll down to skip the rambliness and [...]