Pretend Like It’s Summer: Vegan Vietnamese Salad Rolls!

This weekend, I’ve been all about salad rolls. Maybe because I spent last weekend in Vancouver and had vegan salad rolls from Three Jewels Vegetarian Restaurant which kicked off some [...]

Vegan Shamrock Shake – Healthy But Decadent!

Vegan shamrock shake just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! This vegan peppermint “milkshake” is actually pretty healthy! I used frozen almond milk blended with avocado to get that [...]

Sushi Addicts Not-So-Anonymous Pt 1 (vegan sushi recipe)

Sweet Button Mushroom Maki and Negi-Kidney Bean Maki Prep Time: 20 minutes (excluding time to cook rice/beans) Makes 24 – 32 pieces; about 4 servings Scroll down to skip the rambliness and [...]