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Vegan Curry Beef Buns

Chinese Curry Beef Buns (ga lei ngo yuk bao 咖喱牛肉包) were my 2nd fave thing from Chinese bakeries during my pre-vegan days. This veganized version contains all the flavour and texture but is much healthier and, of course, contains no animal products. I guess you could call them Curry Beefless Buns! Deciding to live a […]

Vegan Curry Beef Crumbles Recipe

This vegan curry beef recipe (a better name might be curry beefless crumbles) was made as the filling for veganized Chinese curry beef buns (ga lei ngo yuk bao). This plant-based version is very similar in taste and texture to the non-vegan one and I find that it makes a great tasty topping for rice […]

Easy Vegan Burgers with Mushrooms & Lentils

These lentil and mushroom vegan burgers are super easy to make. Lentils make them hearty and filling while the mushroom adds a satisfying bite and bursts of juicy savory flavour. For this recipe, I used portobello mushrooms as they stay relatively firm after cooking compared to regular button mushrooms and Marmite gives them a meaty, […]

Easy Baked Peanut Tofu Recipe

This spicy peanut tofu is tossed in sweet, maple-y, garlic sauce and is perfect over salad, on rice or noodles or in a sandwich or wrap. The baking process gives the tofu a hearty, chewy texture which acts as the perfect contrast to a salad of tender greens and crunchy veggies. You can also have […]

Vegan Beefy Beefless Seitan

This hearty seitan has a dense bite and a fibrous texture which makes it perfect for stewing, grilling, stir-frying, roasting, or simply slicing up for sandwiches. It has a hearty flavour from mushroom stock and marmite that is reminiscent of beef but without the cholesterol, hormones, and that pesky killing business. If you’re new around […]
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