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Easy Vegan Burgers with Mushrooms & Lentils

These lentil and mushroom vegan burgers are super easy to make. Lentils make them hearty and filling while the mushroom adds a satisfying bite and bursts of juicy savory flavour. For this recipe, I used portobello mushrooms as they stay relatively firm after cooking compared to regular button mushrooms and Marmite gives them a meaty, […]

Simple Vegan Mushroom Pizza with Cream-Cheese Tomato Sauce

This deceptively simple vegan pizza is ridiculously delicious with juicy mushrooms nestled in a bed of cream-cheesy tomato sauce on a perfect soft and slightly chewy crust that’s wonderfully crisp on the bottom, topped with vegan mozzarella cheese and finished with savory spices. Click here for the printable recipe. Usually, I won’t make the same […]

Vegan Shiitake Mushroom Beans and Rice

Beans and rice; probably the cheapest meal you can make, vegan or not. I used to make this delicious dish all the time as a starving student. It’s easy and inexpensive to make, but it’s also very nutritious, low in fat, protein-rich, fiber-rich, and satisfying. This savory dish is an Asian-inspired take on beans and […]