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Vegan ‘Chicken’ Shwarma Wraps

No one’s going to know this vegan ‘chicken’ shwarma wrap is totally plant-based unless you tell them. It looks like chicken shwarma. It smells like chicken shwarma. It tastes like chicken shwarma. And if you bring it for lunch, you can be sure of a few jealous glances. Click here for the printable recipe. Video […]

Vegan Furikake Recipe – Japanese Seasoning for Rice

Furikake is a Japanese dry seasoning blend meant for rice. There are many different kinds with a variety of ingredients. A sprinkle of furikake adds delicious flavour to plain rice but store bought versions often contain bonito (fish flakes) and MSG. While I don’t mind MSG (it occurs naturally in many foods) I like to […]


Sometimes, cooking is a breeze and everything seems to come together even when you’re just guessing. This was not one of those days. “What I Ate Wednesdays” is a series where I share what I eat in a day in hopes of dispelling misconceptions about what vegans eat and inspiring new meal ideas that you […]

Kale and Chickpea Noodle Bowl in 10 minutes!

This super filling and delicious vegan noodle bowl can be made in ten minutes or less and is packed with protein, iron, vitamin C, folate and other essential nutritional goodies! And for bonus points, it’s pretty cheap to make as well. I love this as a quick lunch or dinner. If you don’t have chickpeas […]
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