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Vegan Enchiladas Recipe

This vegan enchilada recipe is simple, easy, delicious and packed with protein from brown rice and beans. This healthy oil-free enchilada recipe is fairly quick to make but I can’t say it would be considered “authentic.” That’s because I’ve only had food court Mexican food and I don’t know if Taco Bell counts 😉 But […]

Veganized Hainanese “Chicken” Rice Recipe

This vegan version of Hainanese Chicken Rice uses whole, plant-based ingredients to capture the authentic, savory essence of the dish but is much easier and faster to cook than the original. The main flavours come from the generous amounts of garlic, ginger and scallion (aka green onions), plus a special broth that extracts umami goodness […]

Simple Vegan Mushroom Pizza with Cream-Cheese Tomato Sauce

This deceptively simple vegan pizza is ridiculously delicious with juicy mushrooms nestled in a bed of cream-cheesy tomato sauce on a perfect soft and slightly chewy crust that’s wonderfully crisp on the bottom, topped with vegan mozzarella cheese and finished with savory spices. Click here for the printable recipe. Usually, I won’t make the same […]

Vegan Shiitake Mushroom Beans and Rice

Beans and rice; probably the cheapest meal you can make, vegan or not. I used to make this delicious dish all the time as a starving student. It’s easy and inexpensive to make, but it’s also very nutritious, low in fat, protein-rich, fiber-rich, and satisfying. This savory dish is an Asian-inspired take on beans and […]
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