Vegan Guà Bāo [割包 / 刈包] | Five Spice Jackfruit Buns

You may have heard of guà bāo, a Taiwanese street food that was the hot trendy food thing a while back. They’re cute little puffy steamed buns enveloping braised meat, with cilantro, [...]

Green Onion Pancakes | Vegan Recipe

Chewy, flaky savory green onion pancakes can be found at many Chinese restaurants but they are also very easy to make vegan at home. I make mine a bit less salty and less greasy than the ones [...]

Chinese Steamed Sweet Red Bean Buns 豆沙包; (Dou Sha Bao)| Vegan Recipe

Steamed red bean buns are a common menu item at Chinese dim sum restaurants and one of my favourites. They’re actually really easy to make too. For this recipe, the dough is actually really [...]

How to make Chinese Steamed Buns (Mantou 饅頭)

This traditional Chinese recipe is already vegan; using only flour, yeast, water and, in this case, sugar. Plain steamed buns are a staple food that can be eaten with both savory and sweet [...]