Vegan Date BBQ Sauce

My idea of the perfect barbecue sauce is sweet and savory; tangy, but not too sour; spicy, but not too hot. This vegan BBQ sauce is just that; perfect for seitan ribs, tofu kabobs, veggie burgers [...]

Aquafaba Mayonnaise

Aquafaba mayo is super simple and easy to make. This vegan recipe produces a classic mayonnaise that is thick, creamy, slightly tangy and simply perfect for all your sandwich needs. The [...]

Vegan Chipotle Chickpea Peanut Spread

I came up with this garlicky, spicy sauce to give my vegan salad rolls some protein, without resorting to tofu. Turns out, it’s also great on pita, as a dip for veggies, or as sandwich [...]