The Edgy Veg Cookbook Review and Recipes

Hi friends! Let’s get 2018 started with THE vegan cookbook review you’ve been waiting for. I’m talking about The Edgy Veg cookbook by the original YouTube queen of DIY vegan [...]

Soy Sauce Tofu Scramble

Soft and smooth traditional tofu is lighter tasting than grainy-textured firm versions often called for in tofu scramble recipes. Infused with the flavours of garlic, white pepper, and soy sauce, [...]

Strawberry Breakfast Pudding | Healthy High-Protein Vegan Recipe

Lately, I’ve been loving this strawberry breakfast pudding because it is super filling, deliciously decadent, but healthy and very quick to make. Its thick, creamy texture reminds me of [...]

Congee (Bat Jook) – A simple Chinese breakfast food

This simple bowl of congee takes me back to my childhood; it’s the kind of simple food that makes me feel safe and warm and comforted. Congee (Cantonese jook or Mandarin zhōu), is a savory [...]