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Vegan Avocado Tartar Sauce

This plant-based avocado tartar sauce is so easy to make, but way more nutritious than the regular stuff; it’s actually GOOD for you! It’s perfect on Okara “Fishless” burgers, on Gardein Fishless Filets (my fave fave fave), or anywhere you want some creamy, tangy, deliciousness. Video Tutorial for Vegan Avocado Tartar Sauce Avocados are rich […]

Vegan Shamrock Shake – Healthy But Decadent!

Vegan shamrock shake just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! This vegan peppermint “milkshake” is actually pretty healthy! I used frozen almond milk blended with avocado to get that minty green color and smooth ice cream-y texture. Click here to skip the ramble and go straight to the recipe The first time I attempted making […]

Warm Avocado Butter Bean Salad Recipe

I had neglected to do my shopping, so the other morning, I didn’t have any greens for my usual steamed greens lunch. But, I did have some butter beans from the night before. In a hurry, I chopped up some veggies that needed to get used up, half a meatless sausage, and threw in some […]

Vegan Avocado Chickpea Pasta Salad

This delicious salad makes a quick and easy side dish. It’s also substantial enough to feature as an entree. Ingredients 2 cups cooked rotini, or your favourite pasta shape (use gluten-free if you like) 1 avocado, cubed 1 cucumber, seeds removed, diced 2 tbs finely chopped chives 2 sprigs of dill weed, finely chopped 1 […]