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Turmeric Milk Mix

Turmeric is an awesome natural anti-inflammatory spice and lately I’ve been using a lot of it. As some of you know I’ve been dealing with repetitive strain injuries in my upper limbs and it’s greatly affected my day-to-day. Luckily, turmeric milk helps to relieve the pain, reducing my reliance on NSAIDS. This turmeric milk mix […]

DIY Easy Soy Milk Recipe

Making your own soy milk is super easy and super cheap! All you need is some soy beans, water, a blender, a pot to cook it in and something to strain the milk like a nut milk bag, a jelly bag, or a few layers of cheesecloth. You can flavour it with your choice of […]

Make Your Own Rejuvelac for Culturing Cheese

Rejuvelac is a totally vegan fermented liquid that is made from sprouted grains. It’s been touted as a drink for digestive health, but for us, we’re going to be using it for it’s lactobacillus bacteria which produces lactic acid. It’s going to help our cheeses develop that complex sharp, tangy and funky cheese flavours. This […]

DIY Fresh Hemp Milk + Giveaway

Out of all the types of plant-based milk, hemp milk is one of the easiest to make at home and it’s one of the most nutritious too. Hemp hearts are quite soft so they don’t require any soaking and you don’t need a special high-speed blender to get it smooth. They are a wonderful source […]

Vegan Shamrock Shake – Healthy But Decadent!

Vegan shamrock shake just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! This vegan peppermint “milkshake” is actually pretty healthy! I used frozen almond milk blended with avocado to get that minty green color and smooth ice cream-y texture. Click here to skip the ramble and go straight to the recipe The first time I attempted making […]
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