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Vegan Hot Dogs #2 / Paprika Seitan Sausages

Disappointed by bland grocery store veggie dogs? The veggie dogs that look and taste sad compared to their traditional counterparts? BE SAD NO MORE! Make these fat, juicy, delicious paprika seitan sausages. These vegan hot dogs are perfect for your next cookout/BBQ/potluck/feast! Click here for the printable recipe. Video Tutorial for Vegan Hot Dog Recipe […]

Vegan Smoked Salmon Spaghetti Carbonara

Creamy spaghetti carbonara with smoked salmon used to be one of my favourite pasta dishes. And now, it’s easily veganized with the help of carrot lox. You may be wondering: how in the world can carrots stand in for smoked salmon? If so, you’ll need to watch my previous video on how to make carrot […]

How To Make Stuffed Crust Pizza VEGAN

Ooey-gooey stuffed crust pizza goes vegan in this recipe tutorial. With all the vegan cheeses you can make or buy nowadays, you can make your vegan pizza as health or decadent as you like. There’s a trick to making stuffed crusts that remain incognito until you bite into it. Watch to see how I do […]

Vegan Enchiladas Recipe

This vegan enchilada recipe is simple, easy, delicious and packed with protein from brown rice and beans. This healthy oil-free enchilada recipe is fairly quick to make but I can’t say it would be considered “authentic.” That’s because I’ve only had food court Mexican food and I don’t know if Taco Bell counts 😉 But […]
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